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Experts in Outdoor Adventure

We are some of the best outdoor enthusiasts who can make sure that things works according to you.
Outdoor activities can make sure that you have the right activities which make it easier for you to explore.
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We Offer Fun & Exciting Recreation Activities.

We have some of the most fun and exciting games which can make it easier for you to grow.

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We have some of the best collection of both indoor and outdoor activities which can suit everyone.

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  • Kayaking

    If you want to be around the water, kayaking is a fun way to do so. Here are some tips that will help make the experience a safe and relaxing time.

    1. How To Dress:

    The first thing you'll need to do is making sure you dress for the occasion.  Make sure you dress for being around the water and not the weather. Dress in layers. While under mild conditions, the first layer would be your swimsuit. For your top, choose rash guards that are either polyester or nylon blended with spandex. They stretch well, dry quickly and have high UPF ratings. For your bottom, choose anything that doesn't bind or chafe and is quick to dry. For your mid-layer, a fleece jacket or anything warm and synthetic works just fine. The outer layer can be a breathable/water-resistant jacket. The clothes you wear largely depend on the temperature of the water – meaning you may have to choose either a wet suit or a dry suit. For cold conditions, where the water temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a wetsuit is the minimum protection you'll need.  A dry suit is a waterproof material that has watertight gaskets at the openings to keep you completely dry. You can wear one for when there is colder water and air. For cold water where there is hot air, you can consider a sleeveless wetsuit or wetsuits with shorts and short-sleeve tops. See how to layer your wet or dry suit accordingly. Whether or not you choose to pedal close to shore, a coastguard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) is a must. It provides you with core body warmth and keeps you afloat without needing to rely only on your skill as a swimmer. You cannot avoid exposure to the sun when you're spending a day on the water, so wear a sun-shielding hat. For your footwear, neoprene paddling booties that are lightweight, water-ready and protect your toes and the bottoms of feet are preferable. A spray skirt is also essential for a kayaker.  It is a piece of waterproof fabric that fits around and extends over the opening of a kayak to keep out water. Some personal items to carry for your well-being include plenty of water and snacks, sunscreen and sunglasses with a retainer, first-aid kit, signalling whistle, watch and a headlamp. You may need dry bags for things you don't want to get wet.
    1. Choosing A Boat:

    When you're going out for kayaking, choosing a boat is the next step. For beginners, sit-on-top kayaks are the best since they are stable and easy to paddle. Once you get the hang of it, a sit-inside kayak is more efficient, especially if you are paddling a long distance. You can incorporate the spraying skirt on a sit-inside kayak. Once you got all this figured out, take some kayaking lessons to learn how to sit in a kayak and paddle it.
    1. Kayaking Destinations:

    Some places you can go out to kayak include Fijian Islands, Halong Bay, the French Alps, Chile and Lanzarote. Even within India, there are quite a few places such as Kerala, the Teesta River, Rishikesh, Beas River and the Kundalika River....