Show Menorca | The Show Acts
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The Show Acts

A display of how the participants in Minorca’s traditional festivals prepare their horses..
Ground work. Here, one can appreciate the work necessary in breaking in; the horse has to be taught airs and movements that it does not naturally perform.

Once the Minorcan horse has spent a certain amount of time being broken in, and attuned its movements, a display of its skills can be built up.
Long rein work. A display of how the horse carries out the airs from the previous act, but here with the rider grounded.

The typical horse-drawn carriages on Minorca have been: the work cart, the cabriolet, the iron-wheeled wagon and the covered wagon. These vehicles were the means of transport on the island until the introduction of the motor car.
During the break, there is a donkey-cart ride for the children.

A carousel of Spanish horses, from Andalusia, broken in in the Minorcan style, with high-school airs.
Disco horses (only if it is dark when the show finishes; June and September).

More than twenty years experience in equestrian shows.
For more than twenty years, the Pons-Marquès marriage has been dedicated to working in the Minorcan style of breaking horses in. In 1977 they were already putting on shows and founded an equestrian school on Minorca (Club escola Menorquina), where many people have learnt the Minorcan style. With their children and some of their best pupils, they formed the equestrian show, in which they show how a Menorcan thoroughbred can be broken in the Minorcan way, the high-school way, and even to perform certain circus numbers.